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About Us 

Angie Atherton welcome everyone to the 1st North Wales Anual Autism Conference
Willow Holloway Independant Autistic Consultant
Angie Atherton Conference Organiser

The North Wales Annual Autism Conference was first held in 2016 and was the brainchild of Angie Atherton who had for many years dreamed of facilitating a regular conference here in North Wales. Angie was inspired to launch a conference as she has family and friends with Autism Spectrum Conditions.

The conference has been organised and planned by Angie, who also runs AA Autism Support, which provides an autism-specific childcare service for families in North East Wales. 


Angie has been supported by Willow Holloway, founder of the Autistic Woman’s Empowerment (AWE) Project, a user-led peer support network for Autistic and Neuro-Divergent women and girls around the UK. The conference team is also made up of Autistic individuals and Parents of Autistic children and adults.

Our team  would like to see the conference grow and develop into an event that individuals, families, professionals and the wider community will look forward to, and which will allow everyone to come together to access a programme of renowned specialist speakers in the field of autism and provide an  opportunity for autistic individuals, families and professionals to network and access credible information 

“This will enable individuals to progress in every area and therefore improve self-esteem, confidence and develop opportunities for everyone to feel valued, understood and included in society.”

The North Wales Annual Autism Conference is a good example of a community initiative which demonstrates clearly the principals of co-production and engagement with the autistic community.


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